30 April 2013

Awkward Family

Time for another sketch. This time I tackled the subject of a group portrait from www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com with watersoluble pencils. That website is a great place for procrastination and weirdness. The sketch may not resemble the photo very much but that was not the point.

Did you know the difference between Caran d'Ache Supracolor I pencils and Caran d'Ache Supracolor II pencils? I wish I did before I bought a set of the Supracolor I pencils. 
The Supracolor II pencils are waaay better! Switzerland does not only make great chocolate, but also great pencils ☺ 

28 April 2013

Force of Habit

I cleaned my palettes and took the brush for a spin today.

I have read so many blog posts recently that keep affirming this simple thing: If I want to get anywhere with art, I need to make painting and drawing a daily habit, incorporate it into a routine. I am already thinking about art first thing in the morning, it is not that big of a step anymore.
In the end, I shall better be painting already when the muse/creativity strikes, not the other way around.

May the force of habit be with me ;-) dancingwookie.gif

Here are some of the blogs I read that touch on the subject. They are not scientific or study-proven, just experiences by other artists:

Abandoning the Preciousness by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law 
How to Overcome Creative Blocks by Hannah Braime on lifehack.org 
How Mundane Routines Produce Creative Magic by Mark McGuinness on 99u.com
Daily Routines - Artists by Mason Currey
Tips for Young Illustrators by Jim Harris 
Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School by Phil McAndrew

15 April 2013

Munot tower

As I was leaving from Pilates, I had 10 minutes at the bus stop with a view of the Munot tower.

I whipped out the Mini-Moleskine and the 0.05 Pigma Micron I still had in my bag from last Saturday's sketchcrawl and completely messed up the perspective of the tower roof.

I must say it is quite unsatisfying when getting the image converted into a bloggable file of pretty data takes more time than than making the image itself.

I am just thankful that I can at least paint the sky from memory. ;-)

I need to reread Perspective for Artists again, it explained the perspective of turret roofs so well.

11 April 2013

Waiting for Pilates class

I needed to work a little longer today, so it did not make any sense to go anywhere in between work and Pilates class. It took about 20 minutes to half an hour to sketch the view from the entrance to the Pilates studio. I would have loved to have enough time for some watercolor on this but for several reasons this will have to stay as it is. 
The main one being that I am too tired now. ;-)

Swiss BIMI

Last night a couple of my colleagues met up for Japanese dinner in Zurich. It was so delicious it made me want to go travel to Japan and explore food, people and country right away. Mmmmmh!


My job situation is currently quite shaky. I sincerely hope there will soon be some clarity, but I have no idea how it will continue after that. Still, anything is better than this uncertainty.

I try to meet this with some housework. At least one place that is tidy and clean.