20 June 2008

IF: hoard

Illustration Friday

I tend to hoard all kinds of conveniently sized blank notebooks - and sometimes I manage to fill them with sketches or notes, but I can't think of one I have really filled up to the last page. I am addicted to them. And I really like Moleskines!

Ich tendiere dazu, alle möglichen handlichen Blanko-Notizbücher zu horden - und manchmal schaffe ich es sogar, sie mit Skizzen oder Notizen zu füllen, aber ich kann mich nicht daran erinnern, jemals eines bis zur letzten Seite gefüllt zu haben. Ich bin süchtig nach ihnen. Und ich mag Moleskines unheimlich gern!

16 June 2008


Sometimes you walk through your daily life with your eyes shut, you are deeply absorbed in your thoughts. Then, something catches your eye -
Last week when I walked home, thinking how bad public transport is on Sundays, I got a glimpse into another person's life. It was a very small glimpse, and it was enough to make me smile. All I could see were the brushes and the quills through the window above me but they already told me so much about the person living there.

Please feel free to ignore the fact that all the shadows are cast in different directions. I had to go with the flow of the paint ;-)