21 November 2012

DreamWorks' Animation Resources

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DreamWorks' Animation Resources

DreamWorks Animation has a comprehensive in-house training program which provides a lot of resources for their artists. They provide every incoming artist with a list of the books and resources that they have found most helpful for mastering the art of animation.

DreamWorks has generously allowed me to share this recommended list with you. The links take you to more information about each of the books. If the resources are not books, I've added a note about where the links will take you.

Acting and Improv
• Acting for Animators by Ed Hooks
• The Second City – Almanac of Improvisation by Anne Libera 
• A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology: The Secret Art of the Performer by Eugenio Barba 
• Matthew Bain on Movement. Bain is a final layout artist at PDI/Dreamworks Animation and freelance music visualization artist/composer.) (Linked in) (Music visualization on YouTube)

Color and Painting

Computer Graphics and Visual FX

• Introduction to Computer Graphics by James D. Foley, et al 
• Fundamentals of Computer Graphics by Peter Shirley 
• Mathematics for Computer Graphics by John Vince 
• CG101:A Computer Graphics Industry Reference (2nd Edition) by Terrence Masson 

Figure and Gesture Drawing

Filmmaking Books

Layout & Composition Books

Animation Websites

Educational Sites
Animation Educator's Forum
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