28 September 2012

Horse chestnuts

Autumn is here! 
Or fall, depending from where you're from.

Der Herbst ist da!

Winsor & Newton Artists' Colours
Schoellershammer watercolour paper 250g/m²

22 September 2012

Farmer's market

Went to the farmer's market this morning to get my urban sketching going, and to get a big mother of a butternut. I did the line work on location, the coloring came later at home. It was raining and I sat on a shop window sill in a little roofed alleyway. Quite uncomfortable.


Bin heute morgen zum Wochenmarkt gegangen um mit dem Urban Sketching zu beginnen, und um ein Riesenexpemplar einer Butternuss zu kaufen. Die Zeichnung habe ich vor Ort gemacht, die Farbe kam aufs Papier als ich wieder daheim war. Es regnete und ich saß auf einem Ladenfenstervorsprung in einer bedachten Seitengasse. Sehr ungemütlich.

EDM#24: Draw a piece of fruit

Everyday Mattersthe book and the challenge list
AlltäglicheDinge/Jeder Tag Zähltdas Buch und die Herausforderung

This is the leftover banana from my milkshake from yesterday.

EDM #24: Zeichne eine Frucht

Das ist sind die Überreste der Banane, mit der ich meinen Milchshake gestern gemacht habe.

21 September 2012

C'an Picafort

Just back from holidays.
Mallorca is warm, sunny and the beach in the north I was at was rather huge, considering the other beaches of the island.
However, for various reasons, Mallorca is best enjoyed for one week - no longer.

Before I left, I bought a brand spanking new palette of Winsor and Newton Artist's Water Colour half pans and a size 10 daVinci travel brush. It was quite expensive, all in all, but the difference in quality is so obvious when painting, it was worth it.
I think if you buy something expensive but then make very good use of it, it is money well invested.

I am still fiddling around with finding the right sketchbook size for on location watercolor sketching, but for now the Moleskine Large Watercolor (A5) sketchbook best fits my needs.
How do I know? I ran out of pages.
Next time I should just pack an single empty A5 sketchbook instead of the A4, A5 and A6.

First tryout of my new palette at the beach.
Girls playing cards at the bar tables
This woman spent forever to find out which position is best for reading a thick paperback.
I don't think she found out, but she made for a very life-drawing-class-like subject,
moving every 5 minutes, if not more often.
Balcony view
Balcony view on the one day it was raining a lot.
View from the bar
People at the pool
Holiday time is reading time! I love my Kindle 3G Keyboard.
Beach of C'an Picafort. On some days, the sea is so still, you can walk through the water and see everything.
On this day, the sea was a mix of water and sand. 
Beach of C'an Picafort again. Squeezing out the last lines of my edding 1800 profipen 0.1.
I have ordered Pigma Microns now to try out. They are hard to come by in my part of the world. 
Hotel room. 
View down from the balcony.
Trying to pass time while it was raining outside.
The pool palm tree.
Ze Germans at the beach.
Watching the Reading vs Tottenham Hotspur match at a British bar. 
People at the travel agent's and the hotel lobby. Very shiny floor tiles.
Obligatory in-flight sketch with a Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.3. I prefer 0.1 for A5 formats.