25 August 2009

11 August 2009


For the Flavour of the Month Fan Art contest on john-howe.com:

Sir Jehan de Mandeville, on his travels wide and multifarious, dutifully penned descriptons of all the marvellyous creatures and beastys that he encountered on his travels.

However, having acquired prudence with regards to his little-travelled kinsfolk of Albion, for whom even crossing the Stormie Manche to the Lande of the Treacherous Frenche was an exploit beyond ken, he did not include those most marvellously wondrous of marvels that he witnessed, contenting himself with Amphisbaena, Catopolbas, Bonnacons, Barnacle Geese, Vegetable Lambs, Cinnamologi, Elephants, Monocerii, Ichmeumenons, Leucrotas and other commonplace creatures, that his tale might carry more credence on the domestic market.

This month's theme is dedicated to the OTHER pages of his notebooks, the ones he left out, complete with his observations.

IF: Impatience

Illustration Friday: Impatience (Ungeduld)