15 March 2008

IF: heavy

For this week's Illustration Friday: heavy and for Easter.

Done with coffee, watercolours, and little bit of watercolour pencils.

13.5 x 21.2 cm, Canson's Montval 300 g/m² watercolor paper

I encourage those of you who celebrate Easter to reflect on it just as you do during Christmas time.

14 March 2008

Coffee, anyone?

I had an already-stretched leftover paper to make use of, it was enough for 5 ACEO sized somethings but I had no clue WHAT I should paint.
Then I remembered a friend of mine will help opening a coffee shop this summer and I recently read this wonderful book about friendship and coffee "The Secret Blend", so I did something with coffee. It took me 2 1/2 hours to come up with that though. What a day!

12 March 2008

IF: Garden, a Secret One

This is my version of Dickon, Colin and Mary from "The Secret Garden".
They were a bit tricky because I wanted to try out the Artist Trading Card format 2.5x3.5 in.
Then again I suppose it's even trickier to do full A4 portraits.

11 March 2008

IF: Garden

This is not exactly a garden, but you would find it in one.
More garden paintings to come (I hope).