07 September 2014


We had some gorgeous weather yesterday so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sketch outside and get away from the drawing desk.
This is a hazel tree/shrub. There are hazelnuts in the project I am currently working on, so it was nice to sketch something related to it.

12 July 2014

The Great Schaffhausen Knights’ Festival

I went to say hi to a friend at the medieval tournament in SH today. He is a member of the Company of Saynt Georgea group of enthusiasts recreating the military and civil life of a Burgundian artillery unit between 1460 and 1480.

I only bought the ticket for the museum and the medieval camp, going to the turney would have more than doubled the price... which should not keep any of YOU from going there!
I sketched most of the helmets on display in the museum - even tried one on. Boy they are heavy! The knights must have had muscles in places I wouldn't even know of to support all the weight from their armor.

Then I went back to sketch my friend. Lots of children stopped and asked me questions and they were all excited about me sketching, which made me even more excited. Other members of the Company appreciated my doings as well, and I got a spot to sit on under their kitchen tent when it started to drizzle a bit. 

All in all I had a great time sketching but now my brain is fried. :-)

Restaurant sketch

I did a sketch of this restaurant before. This time I kept it very very loose - something I don't usually do but definitely should practise.

16 June 2014


I was in Corfu last week and had a lovely time relaxing (baking) in the Greek sun.
I find the sketches turned out a bit lame, but I blame the heat.

02 June 2014

Ducks' Nest

I went down to the other side of the river yesterday. There were two ducks building their nest right there on the water. Every once in a while a big boat came along and created some rather big waves. The ducks seemed unfazed by this. The female was sitting on her eggs and the male duck took no break swimming to and fro with all sorts twigs and sticks in his beak.

I had to cut the sketching time short as my train was leaving soon and I needed to give myself about 20 minutes to walk back up to the station.

29 May 2014

Waldfriedhof, SH

On today's fine public holiday I took my new square watercolor block, sat by the City Nursery facing the entrance to the Forest Cemetery and splashed my watercolors happily all over the page. A few people walked by, enjoying the multitude of colorful flowers after visiting their late relatives or friends. I had hoped for sunshine but the sky was overcast, leaving me with hardly any directional shadows.
I had "Die Drei Fragezeichen" for company :-)

Guardi artistico Torchon, 300g/sqm
Winsor&Newton Artists watercolors
daVinci Travel brush